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2024 Sheltered Conference Notes

April 15: Creating a Trauma Specific Culture of Care Notes

April 16: De-escalation Skills with Survivors of Complex Trauma Notes  (Workshop with Alexis Byers)


Workshops for Large and Small Groups

Designed for groups or organizations that provide direct care to traumatized populations, our workshops and training events are focused on practical information and skill attainment that enhance service delivery and promote resilience against vicarious traumatization and burnout. These trainings are for front-line staff, mental health providers, medical professionals, and organizational leaders and administrators.



Suitable for Accredited Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

  • Trauma and Complex Trauma Basics

  • Foundations of Trauma Recovery: Stages, Principles, and Practices for Recovery & Trauma Care

  • Attachment, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Trauma: Understanding Health and the Goal of Trauma Recovery

  • Trauma Resilient Caregivers: Overcoming Secondary Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout

  • Creating a Trauma-Specific Culture of Care for Clients: Beyond Trauma-Informed Client-Centered Standards of Care

  • Cultivating Trauma Resilient Organizational Culture

  • Effective Trauma-Informed Pastoral Care

  • A Christian Theology and Spirituality of Trauma Care

  • Other Customized Topics by Request

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