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Integrating Current Scientific Insights with Timeless Spiritual Wisdom to Promote Flourishing

Renewal Leadership Solutions was founded by Dr. Dan Sartor, a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in mental health service delivery to individuals from all walks of life since 1996. As a past Vice President and Professor of Counseling in a faith-based university, he gained countless hours of experience training, supervising, mentoring, and coaching high achieving individuals toward personal growth and professional success. Additionally, his expertise in trauma recovery led him to work with leaders and organizations serving survivors of sex trafficking, providing training, program evaluation, and consultation to promote organizational success and resilience in the face of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout. 

Throughout all these experiences, Dan noticed that the obstacles to professional flourishing and individual well-being were powerfully linked to formative experiences in our past and deeply held patterns of belief and behavior. To improve his own knowledge base and skill set for organizational leadership and to better serve his executive-level and organizational clients, he acquired a Master's in Business Administration, which solidified his conviction that effective leadership flows from integrated well-being in all facets of life: physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual. Because well-being is not a static state of achievement, we must persistently renew our commitment and effort to live well and adapt to our ever-changing context. Such individuals lead others by nature of their generous character and the example of their actions; they are leaders because others watch them and follow them. They have impact. 

At Renewal Leadership Solutions we apply the latest information and tools from Interpersonal Neurobiology, traumatology, cognitive-behavioral science, and studies in organizational behavior to equip leaders with knowledge, skills, insight, and vision for flourishing. Spiritual wisdom provides perspective and informs our values. In most cases, it is the "why" we do what we do. For that reason, we work with individuals and organizations to strengthen their spiritual well-being, as well as their science-based knowledge and skills. At Renewal Leadership Solutions, we purposefully integrate scientific insights with timeless spiritual wisdom from the Christian faith to promote vitality and health within the individuals, organizations, and communities that we serve. We are constantly renewing our efforts to find and practice solutions to our current day problems through authentic servant leadership. We want to help you and your organization flourish!

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Dr. Dan Sartor is the founder of Renewal Leadership Solutions, LLC and Clinical Director at The Wings Center at Eagle Ranch. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (GA & IL), Licensed Professional Counselor (GA & IL), Board Certified Counselor, and Approved Clinical Supervisor with 25 years of experience in mental health care. Dan is past Vice President of Integration and Professor of Counseling at Richmont Graduate University, training and supervising graduate students to become mental health counselors. His clinical and academic specialties include complex trauma recovery, sexuality issues, addiction recovery, marital therapy, and the integration of faith with clinical practice. Dan has provided keynote and workshop presentations for national and international organizations. He provides consultation, corporate/continuing education training, program evaluation, and clinical supervision to domestic and international organizations on trauma-informed care, complex trauma, vicarious trauma, and compassion satisfaction to promote organizational health, staff wellness, and effective client care. Dan is a co-author of Shared Hope, International's  i:CARE: A Health Care Provider’s Guide to Recognizing and Caring for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims (2016) and is featured on WebMD on identifying PTSD triggers and the impact of PTSD on relationships. Dan serves on the accreditation board for National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance, promote the highest standards of safety and service through those organizations that offer residential programming for survivors of human trafficking.


Trauma Informed and Spiritually Integrated Training, Consulting, and Coaching

We facilitate the transformation of organizations and communities by sourcing leaders with the knowledge, skills, and insights to promote flourishing for themselves and others throughout their spheres of influence.



We value honesty and reliability with ourselves and with others even when it is hard. Integrity involves consistency and congruence in our words and our actions. Without integrity there can be no trust. Without trust, relationships falter.


We value healthy, synergistic relationships where we are better together than we would be alone and where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Every aspect of life is relational, and we are most generative and fulfilled when our relationships are marked by reciprocal care and connection. It’s not just what we know nor even who we know. Instead, what matters is how we relate together with the ones we know. Relationships are the context of life’s most transformational experiences, both bad and good. We want to know and be known in both truth and grace.


Transformational growth rises from the the foundations of integrity and interpersonal connection. We value the investment necessary to participate in positive transformation that transcends temporary or superficial behavioral change. Of course, change is hard, and growth takes focused and sustained effort. Overcoming the many forces that inhibit us requires a hopeful mental posture in which we leverage our strengths and face our darkest fears in order to actualize the hidden potential within us. We must intentionally choose the narrow paths of transformational progress for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our communities, and our world.


We value vitality and flourishing marked by flexibility, adaptability, stability, energy, and sustainability in our personal and professional lives. We value and aspire to these same characteristics in our businesses and communities. All other metrics find their meaning and value as they contribute toward this chief end, which usually entails transformational growth in the face of finite resources, failures, and competitive pressures. Achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing require resources, persistent effort, discipline, and wise discernment.


Integrity, interpersonal connection, and the pursuit of transformational growth organically yield a balanced enrichment of people, profits, and our planet. We value our communities; the well-being of our employees, customers, and stakeholders; and the health of our natural environment along with the success of our businesses. Personal, spiritual, relational, professional, and financial wellbeing are not finite commodities in a cutthroat zero-sum game. Thus, competition, rightly seen, is for the greater good, spurring us all on toward improvement and innovation. Ultimately, enrichment is the expected return on the strategic investment of our resources toward the interconnected flourishing of ourselves, those around us, and our world. Interconnected enrichment leaves this world a better place for our having been here. Enrichment is our legacy.

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